With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit, if you haven’t already. Just because you are busy working and trying to meet your end of year deadline’s, doesn’t mean you can’t get into the festivities now.  By having fun things to do at work for Christmas, employers can show their staff that they are valued.

We’ve created a list of 10 things to do in the workplace or at home before you sign off for the year and enjoy a much-needed summer break!

  1. Organise or attend your work Christmas party – Christmas parties are a great way to acknowledge all hard work put in for the year and attending them helps build relationships in a relaxed, non-working environment.
  2. Organise a Secret Santa to add to the excitement!
  3. Decorate your workplace/desk – Get into the Christmas spirit and put up your Christmas tree at home, and maybe some tinsel on your desk chair!
  4. Christmas office quiz – Write down a range of quiz questions that relate to your business during the Christmas period. You can poke fun at yourselves and stay up to date with your workloads.
  5. Volunteer – Whilst you shouldn’t wait until Christmas to volunteer, Christmas is a very good time to do so! There are meal programs or soup kitchens, gift wrapping or administration roles you can do to share the Christmas spirit!
  6. Rather than buying expensive gifts, give a thoughtful one! A personal item that reflects the recipients tastes or interests will always be well received!
  7. Bake some Christmas goodies for your workplace – Mini Christmas puddings, traditional short bread, ginger bread men, Christmas cake – share the excitement in the office!
  8. Make a Christmas holiday playlist – Who doesn’t love a Christmas carol?  10 points if it features Mariah Carey and Michael Buble’.. music is apart of our lives. Play it around the house or in the office.
  9. Have a Christmas Themed lunch or dinner catered by the workplace.
  10. Wrap some presents! – Gift wrapping is one of the most exciting parts about Christmas. Offer to help your loved ones wrap any if they have a lot on their plate.
  11. Watch a Christmas classic – We can’t go past our favourites – ‘Home Alone’, ‘The Grinch’ and ‘Love Actually’.
  12. Attend your local Christmas Carols – Join your community in a night singing Christmas Carols.
  13. Go Christmas light watching – Look up the best streets in your community and cruise the streets watching the sparkly Christmas light decorations.