Are you wanting to offer your employees work benefits? Why not give them the opportunity to screen and make positive changes towards their health?


Our qualified Nurses at Workplace Health and Safety Victoria visit your workplace and conduct Health Assessments to your employees with the aim to improve your overall health of your employees.


We offer diabetes screening, heart health checks and overall health checks using our body composition scales (comparing body/fat percentage, calculating metabolic age, visceral fat rating and more). Our health assessments provide a baseline screening of where your employee sits health-wise, with the results being absolutely confidential to your employee.


From here, your employee can choose to make positive changes towards their lifestyle through the education we provide or disregard our advice altogether.


Studies show that investing in your employee’s health can bring the following benefits to your workplace:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved injury incidence and outcomes
  • Retained top talent
  • Increased workplace productivity
  • Improved company morale
  • Support for an aging workforce
  • Raised awareness of relevant health issues in your workplace and the ability to provide referrals where appropriate


Workplace Health and Safety Victoria also offer pre-employment medicals, which are held at our clinics in Geelong and the Surfcoast, which screen against vision, hearing, range of movement, heart health, diabetes, and more. More extensive Health Assessments can also be held at the clinic and include GP check ups and appointments with our Sports Physiologists.


To enquire, please contact Belinda at [email protected] or call 0456 387 569.