“Health workplaces can help make businesses more productive and employees more engaged.”

– 2020

We understand all workplaces are different. We tailor education sessions to suit your needs and incorporate education sessions with our other services. Generally, all sessions can be delivered within half an hour either by group education talks or one-on-one brief consults for a more individual approach.

Psychology Wellbeing Education:

Psychological wellbeing is an important part of any business. It helps managers at all levels of the organisation select, support, motivate and train employees. Our psychologists provide both group and one-on-one sessions to workplaces.
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Nutrition Education:

Dietitians are not just for those who eat ‘unhealthy’ or have health issues such as diabetes or heart disease. Dietitians can support long term health, as we know certain dietary patterns help to prevent chronic disease and cancer. Whether it be education on the 11am or 3pm slump, eating healthy as a shift worker or portion control, dietitians can assist workers to increase their energy and concentration levels through their dietary intake and support your workers to be the healthiest version of themselves!

Skin Health Education:

Learn the early signs of melanomas, when to get a spot checked by a professional or general sunsmart tips when out in the weather at work. This group education can be coupled with one-on-one skin checks for your staff.    

Physiotherapy Education:

Our physiotherapists believe that movement is the best approach to minimising health risks in the workplace. From education on ergonomics at your desk, posture to reduce headaches, neck pain and back pain, to exercises enabling a strengthened core and posture, our physiotherapists also offer an assessment of your employee’s movement in their workspace and provide one-on-one consultations for lifting techniques and exercises.    

Drug & Alcohol Workshops:

Our experienced GPs and Psychologists specialise in supporting employers and employees on how to deal with drugs and alcohol in the workplace, what to do if somebody is under the influence and supporting those under the influence. This goes hand in hand with our on-site drug and alcohol testing, if requested.

Diabetes Education:

People living with diabetes work in a variety of roles in the workforce. The more your employee knows about their diabetes and how to manage their health and blood glucose levels, the more productive their career can be.

Mindfulness Workplace Training

‘Stress-related workers’ compensation claims have increased, costing over $10 billion each year. This comprises $4.7 billion in absenteeism, $6.1 billion in presenteeism, and $146 million in compensation claims’ – (Medibank Private, 2008).

Our Psychologist and Mindfulness Trainer have over 20 years’ experience as mindfulness practitioners who train employees and employers in techniques to reduce stress and strain. They are highly skilled at teaching the basics of Mindfulness, as well as coaching employees and employers on what to do when someone they work with are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed within the workplace. Our Psychologist and Mindfulness Trainer can also assist in setting up a ‘Mindfulness’ space where staff may practice Mindfulness.  

‘It makes sense that the workplace has been identified as an appropriate setting to promote and support the mental health of individuals’ (Cotton, 2008).